Ainda não começámos a pensar
                                               We have yet to start thinking
 Cinema e pensamento | On cinema and thought                                                                              @ André Dias

Europeeing Academic/Cinephile Tour 2010

Birth of electronic space
Institut National de l'Histoire de l'Art, Paris, 28 June-9 July

The animal as a cinematic problem
University of Glasgow, 2-4 July

FID Marseille 2010
Marseille, 7-12 July

To have done with the possible:
Involuntarism as the other (necessary) side of biopolitics
University of Amsterdam, 12-14 July

The reach of a thoughtful cinephile pedagogy
in ‘The exile of reality: On Hartmut Bitomsky’s films on film’
University of Warwick, 15-17 July

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