Ainda não começámos a pensar
                                               We have yet to start thinking
 Cinema e pensamento | On cinema and thought                                                                              @ André Dias

«Everyone seems to know what a mother may and may not do, and any violation of these expectations is met with massive moral sanctions – unlike when fathers fail to fulfill their expected roles. But in reality, society is full of mothers who do not fulfill their roles as they are expected to.
That was my starting-point. My goal was not to describe a prototype, but a specific, singular person; a woman who claims her mother was never a mother to her.» – Maria Speth
«The pace at which information is revealed allows us to speculate as if deciding what this particular glass of wine really tastes like. The characters are not types, explained by previous exposure, but works-in-progress, sketches of people who could exist, full of uncertainties, anxieties, 'dreams deferred,' and fluctuating percentages of love and pain. The film ends without ending because living does not end when the credits come up.» – Brigitta Wagner

Madonnen / Madonas (2006) 125' de Maria Speth
European Film Festival Dom, dia 11, 14h - Cascais Villa 1 | 2ª, dia 12, 19h30 - Cascais Villa 5

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