Ainda não começámos a pensar
                                               We have yet to start thinking
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Kunst der Vermittlung
Aus den Archiven des Filmvermittelnden Films
Art of Commenting
From the Archives of Movie-Commenting Movies

The project of »Entuziam e.V. Freunde der Vermittlung von Film und Text«, which is funded by the German »Kulturstiftung des Bundes« and the »Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung«, deals with the tradition and actual state of audiovisual tools and films and works of art for analysing cinema's history and aesthetics. We try to collect, portray and list films commenting on films and make available as much information as possible. In addition we have prepared 13 programmes in Vienna, Berlin, Cologne and Bremen with film-commenting movies and with international guests who are working in this field as authors, directors, producers, critics. The guests include Alain Bergala, Gustav Deutsch , Jean Douchet, Harun Farocki, Tag Gallagher, Alexander Horwath and many others.

We are mainly focussed on five modes of production and distribution:
– »Television«, which has, at least here in Germany and its strong PBS realm, a long tradition of producing movie-commenting movies, beginning in the 60's up till the now.
– »Art« where from the beginning of the modernist movement movies like Bruce Connor's »A Movie« deal with film and it modes of production and representation. This includes »material«-movies as well as found-footage pieces.
– »DVD« and its diverse practices of re-presenting existing material and also since the end of the 90ies producing supplementary films (bonus, featurette, interviews, slide-shows, audio-commentary tracks, etc.).
– »Internet« and the practice of »user generated content«, distributed through platforms like »youtube« and »vimeo«, containing a wide range of aesthetic approaches.
– »Education«, which was and is, at least in France, a major force for the production of film-commenting films. For example directors like Jean Eustache, Marc Allegret and Eric Rohmer made films about french film history during the 60ies, Jean Douchet directed movies about classic movies during the 80ies and critics like Alain Bergala are responsible for a wide range of analytical and educational movies distributed through DVDs from the end of the 90ies up till now.

Through the means of a cross-referencing filmography we want to show and expand the possibilites of artistic approaches, research and education on film-history and aesthetics. Since we are only at the start of working on this kind of filmography the results are fairly small up till now.

Our next three programmes in Berlin are about
experimental movies on movies (with Dirk Schaefer) on March 27 at Kino Arsenal, Berlin:

Bruce Conner: A MOVIE USA 1958
Standish Lawder: COLOR FILM USA 1971
Abigail Child: COVERT ACTION USA 1984
Matthias Müller, Christoph Girardet: PHOENIX TAPES, »Bedroom« chapter GB/D 1999
Dirk Schaefer: VORFÜHRKOPIE D 2007
– internet-related forms of production and distribution (with Sebastian Lütgert from Berlin and Kevin B. Lee from NYC) and
– film history (with Tag Gallagher).

At the end of the project in July there will be a program with Jean Douchet from Paris.

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